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Market Assessment - are you paying a fair price for the services you receive?

All imports are different and pricing should always be tailored to your unique business needs. There is no such thing as a standard rate, so make sure your broker has established fees based on the specific needs of your company and its declaration types, complexity and time spent.

Reviewing customs brokerage charges to reduce overall supply chain costs?

Although it’s prudent to ensure what you are paying meets the needs of your business, it's also imperative to ensure it is never at the cost of your risk mitigation and compliance!

  • Importing is a privilege, and you should look to protect that! No different than how you may approach soliciting services for your lawyer or accountant.

  • Customs brokerage fees in the overall cost of a shipment are usually overshadowed by the cost of transportation, yet the work associated with each declaration is subject to audit for 6 years after it clears customs. What would it cost us if we had to go back many years to correct poor service? What would it cost us if we had a clearance delay which added downtime to our logistics, manufacturing or reputation?

Contact us now for an in-depth assessment of your importing business!

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