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Advancing trade partnerships using innovation, technology, and transparency to provide custom solutions for international business.


Demystifying a complicated process by providing the knowledge and tools to import into Canada, using technology to reinvent how international shipments clear customs.

Why Apex?

Apex proudly serves large enterprise, small business, and personal shipments. With a quick and easy account set up process we guarantee to be easy to do business with, understand the unique requirements for many specific industries, and provide quick and reliable Customs clearance at all Canadian ports of entry for your international shipments.


We offer personalized service for real people, that matches your unique requirements, allows you to stay ahead of the curve on the latest customs programs and requirements, and helps you keep your business on the leading edge in international trade.

Time = Money 

We realize that international trade issues can be challenging. Importing goods into Canada has many moving parts that all need to be strung together to create a successful import. Between the import commodity, its origin, the quality of your paperwork, trade agreements, and upwards of 9 additional regulatory agencies that review imports, avoiding frustrating delays and costs can be a complex process. Crossing borders shouldn't waste your time or feel like a barrier, let us help! 


We believe in using technology to simplify the cross-border experience, letting our innovative systems do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll make sure you’re not left in the dark. Check on the status of your shipment 24/7 with our shipment tracker and know exactly where your shipment is at in the clearance process.


We want you to take comfort that your research is done by the time your product arrives at the border, 100% of the compliance risk has been reviewed and removed to avoid delay, and that you have the ability to withstand the reality of post entry CBSA audit. Our job is to ensure your business isn’t impacted by unnecessary duties, penalties or costly audits that you are subject to for 6 years after a shipment is imported.


​We want to get to know you! We want to know your business, your processes, and your preferences in an effort to create a customized experience so you can reduce the cost spent on Customs management and increase your ability to grow your business.

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