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Freight Management

Let us efficiently and strategically manage your freight using a variety of transportation modes, technologies and intermediaries.

We can review your entire supply chain and help you discover cost savings through consolidation, route optimization, and data analysis.

Warehousing & Logistics

  • Cross-docking to and from intermodal equipment

  • Container destuffing (includes palletizing, wrapping, and labelling)

  • Shipment consolidation / deconsolidation

  • Short and long-term storage

  • Customised distribution and integrated services

  • Import staging

What should I expect from a Freight Manager?

● Load matching

● Route optimization

● Rate negotiation

● Freight accounting

● Freight claim management

Benefits of freight management services?

  • You don’t have to deal with multiple companies & carriers - we manage it all

  • We understand every step in the complex supply chain, make no costly mistakes

  • Reduce freight costs - leverage our volume and carrier contracts 

Freight Management

  • Ocean freight, Air freight, Drayage, Local Delivery

  • Full Container Load & Full Truck Load (FCL / FTL)

  • Less than Container Load & Less than Truck Load (LCL / LTL)

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