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     Trade Advice

Researching Import Fundamentals


Helping you get it right

Avoid costly mistakes and penalties and speak with a broker

Questions Answered!

  • Duty rates

  • Documentation 

  • Confidence to make a business decision

Trade Consulting 


  • Import Feasibility

  • Tariff Classification

  • Getting set up with Customs as an Importer

  • Utilizing Free Trade Agreements

  • Advantageous Incoterms

  • Valuation for Customs Purposes

  • Correction and Refund Requests

  • CARM Portal Training or Management

  • CBSA Audit Handling

  • Customized Training

    • International Purchasers

    • Logistics and Shipping Personnel

    • Customs Compliance Personnel

    • Customs Manuals & Service Operating Procedures

  • Penalty Appeal

  • Supply Chain Audit

  • CBSA Partners in Protection Application or Renewal

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