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What is SIMA? Products with VERY high duty rates!

What is SIMA?


Duties of up to 400% - YIKES


The CBSA provides help to Canadian producers who face unfair foreign competition in the Canadian marketplace. CBSA is responsible for the administration of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), which helps to protect Canadian industry from injury caused by the dumping and subsidising of imported goods.


To ensure a fair marketplace, CBSA applies “anti-dumping” and “countervailing” duties to products that benefit from dumping or subsidising.

  • Dumping: Dumping happens when goods are sold to importers in Canada at prices that are lower than the price of comparable goods in the country of export or are sold to Canada at unprofitable prices, causing potential “injury” to Canadian industries.

  • Subsidising: Subsidising happens when goods imported into Canada have benefited from foreign government financial assistance (i.e. grants, tax incentives, loans at preferential rates) thereby causing potential injury to Canadian industries.

  • Injury: A critical factor is whether the dumped or subsidised imports are causing injury or threatening to cause injury to the Canadian industry. Injury may be shown by: lost sales, reduced prices, lost market share, decreased profits, etc.

What products have SIMA?

SIMA measures in force are a list of goods currently subject to SIMA.

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