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Import ban for Single Use Plastics

Importing single use plastics? You will soon be stopped!

Regulations prohibiting the manufacture, import and sale of single-use plastic food service ware, checkout bags, ring carriers, stir sticks, straws and/or cutlery, made from or containing problematic plastics, will come into force commencing on December 20, 2022.

Products affected:

  • single-use plastic checkout bags

  • single-use plastic cutlery

  • single-use plastic flexible straw

  • single-use plastic straw

  • single-use plastic foodservice ware is formed in the shape of a clamshell container, lidded container, box, cup, plate or bowl; is designed for serving or transporting food or beverage that is ready to be consumed

  • single-use plastic ring carrier

  • single-use plastic stir stick

An exception in the regulations allow single-use plastic flexible straws to remain available, under certain conditions.

To enable industry to adapt to the changes, the regulations will be implemented on a staggered timeline.

Industry advocates have inquired with the CBSA on if, and when, a Customs Notice will be issued on this new regulation,

More information can be found here: Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations (SUPPR), and on the ECCC website.

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