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CFIA Makes Changes to Application Methods & Timing of Fee Collection



To ensure a consistent approach to billing while being in accordance with the Government of Canada's Service Fees Act, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will be making the following service changes at the Centre of Administration for Permissions:

  • Charging the service fee when you apply for an animal and plant import permit, or Ministerial Exemption for fresh fruits and vegetables. This includes new applications, renewals and amendments and aims to reflect the current costs of delivering CFIA services. If your permission is not issued, you will not be refunded;

  • Charging Ministerial Exemptions for fresh fruit and vegetables by the number of loads requested on the application. Note that loads in excess will not be refunded; and

  • Accepting applications for plant and animal import permissions only through My CFIA or postal mail.


Applications for animal or plant import permits, as well as Ministerial Exemptions for fresh fruits and vegetables, require an assessment by the CFIA.

There is no increase in fees for industry. These fees are being collected to align with the Service Fees Act to reflect the cost for reviewing, assessing the request and if required, issuing the permit. There will be no changes related to how an application is considered or the length of time to review the submission. Please refer to the Centre of Administration for Permissions site for more information about online applications and processing times.

How to Sign Up for a My CFIA Account

My CFIA is a convenient and secure way to do business with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Users can manage and track service requests online, including permissions such as licenses, permits, and registrations. Email applications are less efficient and do not allow the applicant to check the status of their application.

A My CFIA account is required to submit an application for an import permit. Sign up for a My CFIA account to apply and check the status of your application, and manage and track service requests. Should you have questions or need guidance in completing an application or renewal, you may contact us.

The preferred payment method is the on-account option with a CFIA billing account. Businesses that submit more than one application a year can make billing more efficient by selecting monthly invoicing as their online payment option in My CFIA.


To set up an on-account, they can fill out a form for an Application for Credit (Form CFIA/ACIA 0015).

For information on accounting or invoicing, please refer to the CFIA Fees Notice or contact the National Centre for Accounts Receivable at 1-888-677-2342.

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