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Driven by the challenge of international trade, I have a passion to demystify the customs process. I started my career in an administrative position at a Customs brokerage firm over 20 years ago, worked my way to the top and love global trade.

With an immediate passion for the industry and with personal growth in mind, my depth of knowledge is built through having the opportunity to work my way through every role including managing the business, networking skills and being an industry advocate.

There is no time for a pit stop in trade, and those who hit the Apex - win. 

Are you interested in global trade & leveraging the global market for your success? You’ve come to the right place. I focus on being a partner who can navigate each step of the supply chain, and make sure you feel supported.


If you’re going to trust someone to transform your trade management experience, you want to make sure you’ve hired the right professional. That’s why I want to take a moment and introduce myself.


My company specializes in global trade management, from the time an order is placed with a foreign supplier, to many years after the shipment is delivered and you have survived a customs audit. I am confident you will never attempt global trade on your own ever again. Let us help you shine when it comes to trade!

I had the honor of being a director for the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers with a focus on industry advocacy. Value that gets provided directly back into the hands of users in the supply chain and can truly make a difference. Through my experience in being an operations manager, I received The Surrey Board of Trade’s Women in Business Award for Emerging Leader.

I love to speak, teach and interact with clients, such as being a keynote speaker for the Women in Transportation Annual General Meeting in 2010 regarding my experience managing international logistics for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and hosting many trade management online seminars and webinars.

As a CBSA Professional Designate, Certified Trade Compliance Specialist in both Canada and the US, and certifications from BCIT in Business Management and Leadership, I greatly value certifications and training that legitimize and highlight the value of trade professionals.

In my personal time I enjoy volunteering in the community and have an exciting hobby as a motorsport's driver, racing historical tracks such as Daytona and Indianapolis. Along with multiple championships and success on the track, I have become a leader in encouraging young girls and other females to excel in motorsports, and most recently was involved with filming a documentary soon to launch in 2022 focusing on women in motorsports. 

There is no time for a pit stop in trade, and those who hit the Apex - win. 

I pride myself on being positive, confident and someone you can go to for motivation and advice. My goal is to inspire and encourage those around me to strive for success, rise to their full potential and see the best in themselves. With clarity and focus, I navigate everyday business challenges and am never one to turn down a challenge.

As a female in a non-traditional sport and male dominated work lifem, we have benefited from the many trailblazing women who have paved the way for us. Support the women in your life, continue to life each other up, we are stronger when we empower each other. 

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you feel my level of commitment to global trade and partnering to make a difference. I look forward to working with you and hearing your ideas for inspiration that advance our global and technological thinking. 


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