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Hi, I'm Cherie

Are you interested in international trade & leveraging the global market for your success? You’ve come to the right place. I focus on being a partner who can help you maximize each step of the supply chain and demystify the import process.

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My Story

A highlight from my childhood was watching my dad race cars at the racetrack.  At ten years old I never imagined that I would race a car. Girls don’t do that right? Fifteen years later I finally tried racing and that was the day I became a race car driver. I’ve had the honor of racing at legendary tracks like Daytona and Indianapolis and have won multiple championships along the way. I have become a leader in encouraging females to participate and excel in motorsports; I love working on committees that further promote women on the race track.

Out of school I started a job in administration at a customs brokerage firm. I had no experience and no formal post-secondary education, so making it big in a male-dominated industry was never a consideration. But I was immediately drawn to international trade. I worked tirelessly through every position in that firm, participated in high-level industry advocacy, took classes after work to obtain industry related and business management certifications, and transitioned into a role of leadership running the operations team of over two hundred people. Much like in racing, after years of hard determination and hard work, I had a successful career in an industry that lights my fire.

Along the way, I am proud of many accomplishments such as:

  • Director for the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

  • 2020’s Women in Business Award for Emerging Leader from the Surrey Board of Trade

  • Managed International Logistics for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics


But something was missing.


As someone who is always looking over the mountain for the next challenge and with a passion for global trade, it was time to apply the 20 years of knowledge and make a better experience for importers. Apex Customs Brokers was born. With my experience I’ve established practical processes to make importing easier and flexible enough to advance the future of global trade, and believe Apex is the right importing partner to make a difference for your business.


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